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Unity Party Australia

We believe that everyone is equal before the law,
and should be so treated.


We Have Attempted to Break the
Barriers Against People’s Freedom

Unity Party Australia is a foremost institution saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the dignity of all person. This is done through the emphasis and monitoring if the enforcement of the rights of people in Australia.

We believe that everyone is equal before the law, and should be so treated.

Over the years, we have attempted to break the barriers against people’s freedom and rights through our programs and sensitisation. Our efforts are channelled towards building a community of people where everyone can live freely and respect the rights of others.

Age Discrimination

There are so many things attached to human lives. And one of them is ageing. From the point that everyone was born, days and years begin to count down to the point of death.

The gap between the time of birth and the time of death matters a lot. So many things happen that define humans life. The age of a person has come to evolve in may aspects. While this evolvement has signified good things in some aspects, in others, it has become a problem.

Part of where it has become a problem is being used as an item of discrimination. Now, the world, and particularly, Australia is faced with age discrimination.


Children’s rights: What are they?

Children are a precious gift to the world. They are what put smiles in the faces of millions of people.  And, all efforts ought to be taken to ensure their protection.

The fact that children are still young does not preclude them having human rights. They are as well humans, regardless of their age and naivety. Like adults that have rights, children too have basic human rights.   These rights cut across the different spectrum such as cultural, political,  social and civil rights.  

This does not end there. Their rights also extend to protect their vulnerability. This is important because of the children’s innocence and the need to protect them from abuse and exploitation. They also have the rights to enjoy care from their parents or guardian, including the right to be protected in a home. Though they are children, they, one way or the other, retain the right to make their opinion known in decisions that may affect them.


Human being s have evolved in so many ways over the years. And one of the most important aspects of humans involvement recognises our differences. 

As people, we tend to be very different and diverse in many ways. One of such ways is based on our sexual orientation or identification. Whether some people are different from some others is not the issues. The important thing is accepting their differences and living a harmonious life.  The LGBTI has been an important part of the society in Australia. As humans, we all have rights. What makes the difference is how people treat one another and not how they think a person should be treated because of sexual orientation or identification.

The bottom line is that regardless of anyone’s orientation or identification, they cannot shed their right to be treated with dignity. In this light, it is established that no form of discrimination should be directed to the LGBTI. This is in recognition of their rights to live a dignified and nondiscriminatory life within Australia.


The race has been a dicey issue for a great number of years. For many parts of the world, the issue of race has become a front-burning issue.

Different campaigns have been led to establish a world free from racism. But there has not been much of the desired progress experienced.

In Australia, the situation of race seems to be a sensitive issue. The background to this is the fact that Australia is a multicultural country with various people sharing different religious practices.

This state of things has caused many people to experience different kinds of treatment because of their race or colour of their skin. Many of these treatments have been nothing short of being unfair and unequal.

Without a doubt, this is against the purpose of humanity. Every human is expected to enjoy the right to dignity and nondiscriminatory treatment.


Liberty is a fundamental and inalienable human right that should be enjoyed by all and sundry irrespective of their status.

It is recognised across the globe, and Australia is not exempted from this party. To effectively safeguard the rights of immigrants, the country has, in recent times, embraced several global instruments. 

Among these instruments are the international covenant on civil and political rights and the convention on the rights of a child. These instruments look into the various abuse and violations of the rights of the held in detention. 


Every person deserves the right to dignity of the human person. To reduce the stigma and reproach that people living with disabilities experience

certain measures and strategies must be employed. Every political and social institution must ensure adherence to these strategies to protect these individuals against the abuse of their rights. 

It is a general fact that people with disabilities are often victims of harsh government policies across the world. These policies cuts across employment, education, transportation, and health.

Government policies in these sectors are often to the detriment of people with disabilities. This is because they are not always put into consideration before these policies are made and implemented.