The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on many things in the country. It has affected lives and properties in ways that many people cannot think of. This sorry state of things has done a long way to destabilise the normal order of things.

What is now the case is people and the Government adjusting to the new normal. With regards to human rights, COVID-19 has not also left it off the hook. For all that matters, it might have had some effects on the expression of humans’ freedom and the exercise of their rights.

But, then, what is the Government doing about this? What is the response to the COvid-19 outbreak in Australia? And what is the Government doing about the freedoms and rights of people in Australia? 

Below, there is an explanation of the Government’s effort to combat the virus before it gets out of hand. There is also an explanation of what is being done to ensure that human rights in Australia are upheld regardless of the current circumstances.

The Australian Government’s wellbeing reaction to the COVID-19 episode means to:

  • limit the number of individuals getting contaminated or debilitated with COVID-19
  • limit how wiped out individuals become and the death rate
  • deal with the interest in our wellbeing frameworks
  • help you to deal with your own danger and the danger to your family and network
  • uphold run after an antibody
  • make a future immunisation accessible to Australians for nothing.

What the Government is doing now

The Australian Government has created and subsidised a far-reaching reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Government is:

  • making sure about early access for the University of Oxford COVID-19 immunisation, should preliminaries demonstrate it to be fruitful, protected and powerful
  • conveying a $17.6 billion monetary help bundle to support venture and keep individuals in positions
  • conveying a $2.4 billion wellbeing bundle to ensure all Australians
  • giving $669 million to extend Medicare-financed telehealth administrations for all Australians so everybody approaches quality medical care while at home
  • conveying backing to Australians encountering homegrown, family and sexual savagery because of the aftermath of Covid
  • giving $48.1 million to the National Mental Health and Wellbeing Pandemic Response Plan notwithstanding $74 million to help the emotional wellness and prosperity of Australians
  • financing home conveyance of most physician recommended prescriptions for those incapable of getting to their neighbourhood drug store
  • guaranteeing our wellbeing experts are ensured with satisfactory supplies of PPE
  • following Covid cases
  • giving data on our reaction and how you can ensure yourself as well as other people in English and different dialects
  • setting boundaries for some remedy and over the counter prescriptions, to ensure the individuals who need them can get to them
  • distributing a week after week traffic signal report of the circumstance in each state and domain and broadly.

State and domain wellbeing specialists are:

  • testing individuals associated with having the infection
  • observing close contacts of affirmed cases each day
  • forcing travel limitations between states
  • opening fever facilities.

To diminish the danger of COVID-19 spreading through global travel, the Government is:

  • applying travel limitations
  • screening explorers who show up in Australia and guaranteeing they isolate on appearance
  • proceeding with fringe observation.

The Government’s Response To Human Rights During Covid-19

Existing laws keep on applying in Australia to ensure individuals’ basic liberties. For instance, individuals can bring objections of segregation or breaks of common freedoms to the AHRC or state and region basic liberties and equivalent open door commissions on the off chance that they are dealt with unlawfully.

In any case, most Australians would be astonished to discover that there are not many lawful insurances of common freedoms in Australia.

Australia has laws to ensure individuals against separation. Yet, we don’t have laws that set down emphatically the rights and opportunities we ought to appreciate in Australia and what that ought to resemble.

Victoria, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory have Human Rights Acts that require the administrations in those spots to act reliably with basic liberties and to completely think about common freedoms in law, strategy and practice. No such law exists at the government level or in different states and domains.

Australia is one of the main liberal vote based systems on the planet that doesn’t have its own Human Rights Act.

The Australian Human Rights Commission bolsters the presentation of a Human Rights Act in Australia to more readily secure the key common freedoms surprisingly in Australia.

The Commission is as of now attempted a significant undertaking to distinguish what steps should be taken to acknowledge common liberties for everybody in Australia.