Human being s have evolved in so many ways over the years. And one of the most important aspects of humans involvement recognises our differences. 

As people, we tend to be very different and diverse in many ways. One of such ways is based on our sexual orientation or identification. Whether some people are different from some others is not the issues. The important thing is accepting their differences and living a harmonious life.

The LGBTI has been an important part of the society in Australia. As humans, we all have rights. What makes the difference is how people treat one another and not how they think a person should be treated because of sexual orientation or identification.

The bottom line is that regardless of anyone’s orientation or identification, they cannot shed their right to be treated with dignity.

In this light, it is established that no form of discrimination should be directed to the LGBTI. This is in recognition of their rights to live a dignified and nondiscriminatory life within Australia.

This is not just the end; it now has the backing of the law. Hence, it has become an offence to treat people with different sexual orientation or identity discriminately.

The same protection applies to couples of the same sex as it does to individuals with multiple sexual identity or orientation.

The basis of all this is stemming from the equality and fair treatment of all persons in Australia.

There have been various campaign undergoing about LGBTI people in Australia. Particularly on sensitising people about the need to respect the rights of the LGBTI people.

As a way of championing the rights and non-discrimination policy of the LGBTI people, there have been different projects undertaken.

One of such programs is aimed at protecting the rights of LGBTI.

Protecting LGRTI Human Right

This is aimed at emphasising the need for the equality of all humans, regardless of people’s sexual orientation and identity. This project takes into consideration the best way to offer protection to those with some variations in their sexual orientation.

The objectives of these projects are:

  • Identifying prominent issues and obtaining insight into existing practices through consultation with different stakeholders. These stakeholders include people born with sex variations, advocacy group federal and state medical representatives and professional.
  • Analysing the existing plan towards medical intervention through a framework of human rights in Australia and beyond.
  • Developing recommendations for a persistent approach to making decisions on medical interventions for people with sex variations.

Equality In Marriage

The issue of marriage requires that people are treated equally without unnecessary consideration to their orientation about sex or their gender identity. This way, it means that people of the same sex should be able to enter a marriage without being discriminated against.

With this, we are encouraging a society where people would be comfortable with accepting their sexual variations. And be able to identify as a gender without any form of discrimination.

Gender Orientation And Sexual Identity

All forms of discrimination relying on the gender orientation of others \or their sexual identity is not tolerated in Australia. Over the years, ensuring this has not come easy in many parts of the country.

One of the ways through which we can do this is by enhancing the power in educating the populace. This way, there has been a partnership with different regional advisers to help address the various levels of violence towards the LGBTI. This also includes addressing the discrimination that is being faced by the LGBTI community, especially in  African countries which are part of the commonwealth.

As a response to this, there has been different materials and resources aimed at educating th people. On e of such is the SOGI’s comic book. There is also a video on this. All of these are educational, and they are in such a way that would create awareness about the challenges of the LBGTI. It is also to serve a way to dispel stigmas and toxic myths about LGBTI people.

Rights Of Persons With Variation In Sexual Orientation, Intersex and Gender Identity

Over the years, there have been different researches and consultation done to identify important issues that affect the LGBTI community in Australia.

There have been reports too on the rights of SOGII people in Australia. You can take a look at this specific report to get an insight into the issues being faced by LGBTI people.

There are also other materials and resources in place that you can read to get an insight into the rights of SOGII people in Australia.

You can read of the rights of SOGII people here. You can also find additional information on the responsibilities and rights of LGBTI people here.    

All these projects and actions within Australia are to establish one thing. That is people with variations in sexual orientation should not be victims of discrimination. Also, people who identify as different genders or intersex people should not suffer unequal treatment because of their orientation.

With these, it is believed that Australia can help everybody achieve a community where they can happily exercise themselves without the fear of discrimination.