Race has been a dicey issue for a great number of years. For many parts of the world, the issue of race has become a front-burning issue. Different campaigns have been led to establish a world free from racism. But there has not been much of the desired progress experienced.

In Australia, the situation of race seems to be a sensitive issue. The background to this is the fact that Australia is a multicultural country with various people sharing different religious practices.

This state of things has caused many people to experience different kinds of treatment because of their race or colour of their skin. Many of these treatments have been nothing short of being unfair and unequal.

Without a doubt, this is against the purpose of humanity. Every human is expected to enjoy the right to dignity and nondiscriminatory treatment.

The laws of Australia support this stance. As a result, there has been some legislation in place to help achieve a society free from racism. This 1975 ACT on racial discrimination does well to promote the equal treatment of people regardless of their cultural background or racial leaning. It also extends the protection of people from being treated unfairly or being victims of negative actions due to their descent or ethnicity.

In establishing an Australian that is free from racial discrimination, there have been different projects undertaken. These projects are to help amplify the idealness of treating everyone rightly and without discrimination.

Equity Review Of Racial Basketball In Australia: Though a sport, there have been different reports of being racially selective. The problem is not with the sport, but with its management. Due to this, there has been an equitable attempt to review the racial intonation in basketball around Australia. The aim of this is to ensure that basketball becomes an inclusive sport in Australia.

The objectives of this review are to identify the structural barriers relating to racial equity in basketball in Australia. This will be to improve people’s access to equal opportunity in the sport of basketball in Australia.

Australians’ Muslim Stories: over the years, the religious disparities  in Australia have raised the issues of discrimination. With the Muslim community there has been persistent complaints about being unfairly treated due to their affiliation. As a response to this, there’s a project that allows accommodate Australian Muslims’ stories. The objective of this is to gather robust information on the racial experience of Australian Muslims. This information would ensure informed steps and partnership with the appropriate authorities to get rid of racial discrimination.

The Commissioners’ Prize On Racial Discrimination: This is another way through which attempt is taken to eradicate racial discrimination on Australia.  This competition is to target young people and to help promote discussion on solutions to racial discrimination in Australia.

RDA And Race Hate: The RDA is the legislative Act that targets race hates in Australia. This Act encompasses the human rights in Australia and the need for people to respect everyone’s rights. 

Examples of race hate are hurling abusive words with racial undertone against a person; publishing racially offensive comments in the newsprint and social media; racially offensive remarks at political rallies etc.

For further information, you can download a copy of the Act here. Notably, this Act was a response to a major issue around racial violence across Australia.

Since these steps are taken, racial discrimination is still far from declining in Australia; more needs to be done. There are new measures to be adopted and existing steps to rejig for effectiveness. Below are some suggestions.

Lifting of reservation on the international conventions that prohibits racial discrimination: Australia cannot fully combat racial discrimination while it still shies away from the provisions of ICERD that criminalises racial conducts.

Although it gives effect to other provisions of the convention in the local statute, RDA, making it a criminal offence would yield due to the inherent deterrence of criminal law gives violations.

Increase funding of anti-racism advocacy: Racism is like a culture, many were indoctrinated into it and to cause a change of mind, there must be a reorientation. Reorientation of the mind to see everyone as equal when groomed to act otherwise is easier said than done.

Nonetheless, it is not impossible. The essential element of a successful reorientation campaign is adequate funding. The Government should support Non-Governmental Organisations with grants to cater for necessary expenses.

Social media, billboards, magazines, radio and TV shows, symposia to mention a few. Are some of the strategies of such organisation’s aimed at advocating for an equal and just world system. Its effectiveness lies in its diverse media of Communication.

To be fair, racism which has existed for centuries cannot be done away with overnight. However, there need to be targets and effective monitoring mechanism. Without this, little will be achieved.