Life would be full of too many unhappy people if there were no freedom and rights to do some basic things. Freedom is how humans express their humanity in life. And rights, these are the authorities they have to carry out different actions.  Freedom and rights work together to shape the existence of humans. 

In Australia, human freedom and rights mean a lot. It is recognised that with these rights to express oneself and project their innate entitlement, the country would only fall apart. It is in recognition of this that there have been different policies and laws to amplify the freedoms and rights of all citizens and residents of Australia.

For instance, there is the federal Act on the Commission of human rights. This ACT protects against discrimination of any length or form. It is the legislative piece that protects and promote the freedom and rights of all Australians that the Government has made promises to ensure its respect and protection.

There have also been efforts channelled towards re-establishing human rights and human freedoms across Australia. Part of what is being done in setting up the Commission that attends solely to human rights affairs in Australia.

Through this, there have been various contributions made to human rights all across Australia.  Apart from this, there has been some sort of synergy with many anti-discrimination and human rights agencies. This synergy has often resulted in many productive outcomes. For one, there has always been a new way charted to tackle the causes of human rights abuses in Australia. There have also been monitoring of affairs that emphasise the freedoms and rights of the people in Australia.

Freedom and Rights In Australia

There are several freedoms and rights in Australia. Below, you will find some of them.

Political And Civil Rights: Political and civil rights involve the right of a person to contribute to the political and civil affairs of their country. These rights have been the foundation of many Government. And these freedom and rights are what embeds the exercise of one’s political and civil duties.

These rights and freedom include:

  • Self-determination right
  • Right to non-discrimination and equality
  • Right to human life
  • Freedom from inhumane, degrading or cruel punishment and treatment (torture)
  • Freedom from forced labour and slavery
  • Fair hearing and fair trial

These are some of the few political and civil rights you can claim in Australia.

Indigenous People’s Rights: The indigenous people also have freedom and rights in many aspects. Like humans, they retain all the human freedom and rights enjoyed by everyone else. To get an insight into the freedom and rights of the indigenous people, you should refer to the segment about the Aboriginals.

Women’s rights: Women are in no way lesser creatures. Women are as entitled to human rights as men are. In many ways, the freedom and rights of women will continue to be championed across Australia and every other place.

Women have the rights to enjoy basic rights as men do. For instance, on no basis should a person be discriminated upon solely because of her gender. This has been a major issue around Australia, and there have been efforts underway to curb this.

There has been a call to employees to stop sex discrimination against women. Often, women get passed by for promotion or some leadership roles simply because they are women. Many employees think that there might not be enough commitment from the female gender because of their commitment to building their family and raising their children.

In every sense of it, this has to stop. Where women are experiencing sex discrimination or abuse of their rights, they can complain to the appropriate authority. With this, the issue will be rapidly addressed. 

Children’s Right: Many people often think that children are still young, so there is a limit ton their freedom and rights. While this may seem pleasing to hear, it is far from the truth. Children, like everyone else, have basic rights they enjoy.

Children particularly have the rights to have their voices heard in many decisions that would affect them. As children, they deserve to be cared for and protected. This is why there is a CRC  that protects children from any form of abuses. Apart from this, other international protocols emphasise the freedoms and rights of children in their everyday living.

There are other freedom and rights enjoyed by people in Australia. Some of the deserve mentioning;

  • Rights of persons with disability
  • Elderly people’s rights
  • Right of the LGBTI

All these rights have been put in place to promote peace and harmonious living within Australia. As much as these freedoms and rights are great and interesting, they are, however, not absolute.

The exercise of these rights is only to the point that they do not put the other person into danger. Hence, no one can exercise their right to the detriment of other people in Australia.